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Unit Objectives

Understand about domain names, LANs and WANs, why transmissions are encrypted.  Explain bandwidth, buffering and why they are used. Advantages and disadvantages of network topologies and the uses of peer to peer and client-server networks. 

Design a network layout and describe the concept of cloud computing. 


Who Is Information

Domain Name Search

Who Is Information

Domain Search

Search for domain names.

Domain Search

Speed Test

How fast is your connection?

Speed Test

Cable Map

A map of the underwater cables.

Cable Map

How does the internet work

A great video on how the internet works.

How does the internet work


How DNS Works


Assessment is via an end of unit test. Covering the following areas:

  • Network revision topics

  • What is the internet and who owns it?

  • What is a URL

  • IP addresses

  • Domain name extensions

  • Who data is sent across the internet.

  • Packet Switching networks

  • Peer to Peer Networks

  • What are domain names

  • Transfer speeds

  • Wireless networks – advantages and disadvantages

  • Buffering

  • LANs (Local Area Network)

  • Bus and Star networks

  • Ring networks

  • Cloud computing

  • Ciphers – encryption and decryption